Adventures through Scotland: Day 1 (Stirling, Falkirk, Balloch)

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Way back in August, I took a trip to Scotland with my friend, the Shoe Fiend. For whatever reason, I never got the chance to talk about it on here, but the publication of an article about the trip reminded me of the pictures I’ve had hanging out on my hard drive ever since. So here we go: Part 1 (of two) of my and the Shoe Fiend’s trip through Scotland!

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First stop: Stirling.

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The whole point of our trip was the Shoe Fiend’s conference at the university in this small city, so we spent most of our two days there at the University itself.

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The park inside was absolutely gorgeous.

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We were also extremely impressed with the fact that we could get Magner’s delivered to our door.

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As you may know, if you read the article, we didn’t have much of a plan when we set out in our rental car, but we were pleasantly surprised to stumble upon two cute towns on our first day.

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Falkirk, home of the Falkirk wheel. Maybe it’s because we’re girls, but we were less impressed with this apparent engineering marvel than the pretty canal that ran past it.

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After Falkirk, we drove towards Loch Lomond, arriving in Balloch way past lunchtime. The boat tour we took was a fortuitous discovery that let us discover the lake itself.

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We spent the night at the very charming Norwood Guest House, where we were treated to a free full Scottish breakfast. The Shoe Fiend and I discovered potato scones; I think I’ll have to rediscover these in my Parisian kitchen.

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Also, I miss breakfast sausage.

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Another discovery was lemon marmalade. Perhaps I’ll try making this at home too… I don’t think the Country Boy would be too pleased though.

That’s all for today! Part two tomorrow. In the meantime, check out the article for the full story.

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