Monday Postcard from the Quais de Seine, Paris

1. Paris is grey most of the time. People don’t always believe me when I say it, but we get pretty much the same weather as our neighbors across the channel. That said, where there’s rain, there are also skies like this over the Seine, as the rain clears.


2. Walking along the Seine is a great way to take in some of Paris’ most famous monuments. You can see the Pantheon, sitting atop the St-Genevieve “Mountain” (really a hill) from the Right Bank…


3. …and the towers of Notre Dame from the Ile Saint-Louis. Sadly, you can also see that not much has changed from when Victor Hugo was writing Notre Dame de Paris in the early 19th century, at least not from a human perspective.


4. The tip of the Ile-Saint-Louis is one of the most picturesque spots, and when it’s a bit rainy, it’s completely empty.


5. The Alexandre III bridge, connecting the 7th and the 8th arrondissements, is splendid any time of day, but particularly as the clouds begin to clear.