Monday Postcards of Paris in the Snow

1. You wouldn’t think, after growing up in New York, spending high school in New England, and living for nearly two years in Canada, that I would still get this excited about snow, but I do. Mainly because the last time it really snowed in Paris was 2013.

I love the smell of snow, the way it makes cities quieter. I even love the fact that it means I have to wear boots with treads (OK, let’s be honest, I’ll take any excuse to wear boots with treads). I especially love the fact that it makes me stand out as someone who actually knows how to walk on snow, which is a skill I have honed over many, many years.

And, of course, it’s beautiful. So yesterday, given that I had lost my Navigo the night before (RIP) and had to get to the Louvre, I decided to take an hour and really enjoy it.


2. The Saint-Germain-des-Près church is the perfect size for accumulating snow drifts and displaying them to the masses below.


3. My favorite part of Paris (the bouquinnistes along the Left Bank) is even more beautiful in silver and white.


4. Nicolas Poussin is less-than-impressed with his new hairdo. (I think he looks quite dashing).


5. The flood-and-snow combo makes for quite a sight along the Seine.

IMG_8198 2

6. Oh, and I made it to the Louvre.

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