Postcard from Montclus, Gard

1. Montclus, in the Gard region, right on the border with Ardèche, has been ranked one of the most beautiful villages in France. It’s not hard to see why. While it’s most popular with tourists in the summer, it’s just as beautiful — if not more so — in the fall, when the leaves turn red and orange.


2. The village is on the Sèze River, and wandering through the forest, you get beautiful views of it flowing below. Even though it’s November (and snowing today in parts of Paris!) it was mild enough that we considered a swim.


3. Some views in the woods are so perfect it’s hard to believe they’re natural. Wandering amongst hidden ruins and trees makes it feel like a veritable fairyland.


4. Everywhere you turn are colors, and not the muted fall colors we get in and around Paris, but rather a panoply of orange, brown, green, yellow, and red.


5. While all of the views were gorgeous, I’m always particularly drawn to vines (and no, not just because I really like wine).