Tea and Cake, American-Style, at L’Enclos de Ninon

I can’t count the number of times people have asked me for restaurant recommendations. I have a list I can rattle off, particularly for first-timers who want the “classic” Paris experience, but there’s so much more to Paris than just a handful of places where you can get steak-frites and escargots. I’ve decided to start sharing my top local spots, so check back every Tuesday for a new one of my personal favorites.


Seeing as I have no office to speak of, I have two choices for getting work done: laze around my apartment in sweatpants and pretend to work while also doing laundry, watching YouTube videos, and baking cookies, or putting on my big-girl pants and taking myself out to a café.


L’Enclos de Ninon is one of my favorite places to work. It’s a relatively small, cozy café on the Left Bank, not far from the Pantheon.


It has whitewashed walls, comfy chairs (but not too comfy…), a large selection of teas (I’m a big fan of rooibos, at the moment), and it certainly doesn’t hurt that it’s on my bus line.


There are lots of choices of places to sit, most of which have natural sunlight, which I love.


Snack-wise, there’s a host of choices, including some French-style pâtisseries, like the opéra and fruit tarts up top, or these more homestyle chocolate fondants.


But there’s also a lot of American treats, as the coffee shop is also home to an American wedding cake company. That means cupcakes, cheesecake, and cookies too.


If you decide to try it out, come say hello! I’ll be the one furiously typing in a corner.

L’Enclos de Ninon – 68 Rue du Cardinal Lemoine, 75005