Trying Traditional Alsatian Cuisine at Au Brasseur

When we were visiting Strasbourg, we wanted to try as many local specialties as possible. That meant making sure we got a taste of flammekueche (er… twice) as well as hitting up a local restaurant recommended to me by a friend who grew up in Strasbourg (it did not disappoint).


But on our last morning, we decided to give one more spot a try: Au Brasseur or “at the brewer’s” was the perfect choice.

This restaurant definitely wasn’t as high-brow as the other, the first indication of which is that it does “service continu” which means that it doesn’t stop serving food between lunch and dinner. This is a common complaint I hear from Americans visiting in Paris, because restaurants that don’t do service continu tend to open for dinner around 7:30, and so lots of Americans, eating at 6, find themselves in subpar locations.

So imagine my surprise when we settled down into this service continu restaurant to find that it completely surpassed my expectations.

Sister and I are champions at eating at restaurants, because we both love to share. We ordered one dish of Späetzle à la strasbourgeoise, a dish that belies the close border with Germany, made with lardons of bacon and sauerkraut (as well as a huge green salad – pretty much my favorite thing to see when I’m traveling), and we also shared yet another roasted jarret, this time with a Munster cheese sauce.


(Oh, and as you can see on the side there, we also got a plate of crudités. We really love raw vegetables.)

This restaurant is a fantastic option for an easy lunch in central Strasbourg. In nice weather, you can enjoy the terrace (and a house-brewed beer or two). It’s inexpensive, and the food is really quite good. While this jarret didn’t quite live up to the one at Au Coin des Pucelles, I would recommend it (and the spatzle, which was fantastic) any day.

Au Brasseur – 22 Rue des Veaux, Strasbourg