Wednesday Bites: Omakase

At Christmas, my brother, my sister and I decided to do something we had been talking about for a long time: eat a great omakase.

(OK, in truth, my sister and my brother decided to go, and I tagged along. Best. Decision. Ever.)


We went to Tanoshi Sushi, a spot chosen for my brother for its (relatively) reasonable price and ease of walking distance from our home.


The omakase included ten nigiri pieces, three maki pieces, and a handroll. I had experienced omakase twice before, and this time was just as incredible as my experiences at Umi and Sushi Nazawa, if not more so.


Our pieces ranged from simple cuts of excellent fish to more elaborate creations like shrimp and uni or tuna topped with tuna tartare.


The maki was made with tuna, and each of the three pieces was topped with a different garnish, allowing us to experience all sides of the fish.


This “three-egg” piece united uni, salmon roe, and a quail’s egg yolk. It was my favorite piece of the night, though it was nearly impossible to choose just one.


Honestly, though each piece was surprising and delicious, one of my favorite things about this omakase was the most essential: the precision with which each action was carried out, from the sushi chef deftly molding the perfect amount of rice (he actually asked us after the first piece if he should adjust or not) to the way in which he placed each piece on the board in front of us.

No photos of the handroll — I devoured it the second he put it in my hand.

Tanoshi Sushi
1372 York Ave, NYC