Weird Monday Perspectives Postcard from Paris

1. Thirty-seven bridges span the river Seine in Paris, and each has a different personality. While the Alexandre III bridge is better known for its gilded statues (more on those in a second), these little statues covered with lichen are hiding beneath the steel arch.


2. This winged gilded statue is part of what makes Alexandre III so popular, but while it’s definitely beautiful, few know what it represents. It’s one of four similar statues representing the Fames: on the Right Bank, the Fame of the Sciences and the Fame of the Arts, and on the left, the Fame of Commerce and the Fame of Industry.


3. Look up when you’re walking around Paris! Beautiful medieval structures loom at pretty much every corner, especially in the 5th arrondissement.


4. The passerelle Léopold-Sédar-Senghor is one of 49 pedestrian crossings on the Seine. From this angle, Parisiennes don’t just look better than I do, they also look taller.


5. The quais de Seine along the Left Bank of the river have been turned into a playground for children and adults: jogging lanes, life-size games, and more are available. And now that the sun has come out, it’s time to take advantage of it!